Artela Us

About me

My name is Adela and I am an explorer into the world of knowledge, self-knowledge and the diverse techniques that help us know ourselves better.

What I enjoy doing in my work is showing people their great potential and inspire them to grow, heal and express their unique nature. My favourite systems for discovering the self art Astrology, Gene Keys, Human Design, but…I do love to add some whimsical flavour to my approach, so art, interest in health and floral remedies blended in my approach.

Art and Astrology have been constant subjects I love and loved in my life, and they became my passion and my daily work. I have loved studying Art and have a PhD in Visual Art and painting and creating are part of who I am. I include creative work in my work with clients…so get some colors on your way! Astrology was my first way of knowing myself better and it became, in time, my profession and now, more then 5 years passed since I am daily doing reading for lovely people that come to be guided by me.

My style is very spontaneous, happy, lighthearted ( that doesn’t mean superficial…but expect laughter and jokes, not tears and drama), as I am a vibrant and happy Splenic Projector. A ¼ profile that loves investigating and also loves working with people. My Astrology big 3 are Aries rising, Taurus Sun and Scorpio Moon.

I am a HUGE believer in the power of intuition so…if your gut feeling says YES, I want to work with Adela…here I am for you!

May we evolve beautifully together on THE PATH!