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About me

My name is Adela and I am an explorer into the world of knowledge, self-knowledge and the diverse techniques that help us know ourselves better.

What I enjoy doing in my work is showing people their great potential and inspire them to grow, heal and express their unique nature. My favourite systems for discovering the self art Astrology, Gene Keys, Human Design, but…I do love to add some whimsical flavour to my approach, so art, interest in health and floral remedies blended in my approach.


Astrological Consultation

"A Sensitive, In-depth Discussion About Your Horoscope and Life"

Enjoy an in-depth, yet sensitive discussion about your horoscope (natal chart and current/future events) with a certified professional astrologer with over 15 years of consulting experience. Discuss important issues in your life with absolute guarantee of confidentiality. Learn about your strengths, challenges and major life themes.

Astrology and Gene Keys Charts and Profile Readings

Astrology and self-knowledge are and always have been fascinating topics for me. I believe that knowing and understanding yourself better gives you the opportunity to increase your quality of life. If you resonate with me and my guidance, I’m here to decipher the mysteries of your natal charts. I am sure that the discoveries will be surprising, both for me and for you.

Bach Floral Essences – consultations and remedies

The path to knowledge and self-knowledge brought me closer to Floral Essences and there amazing power to help us self-heal. As a practitioner, I am here to recommend which Floral Essence remedies can be your allies on your healing and self-discovering journey. Whether you are going through big transitions, or need more focus, grounding or feeling calm and centered, the Floral Essences can be a greau help in finding and connecting with the real you.



Adela's session was truly powerful, insightful, and full of wisdom, humor, and gentle acceptance. I love the way she approaches a session with clarity, structure, and simplicity. The synergy of her ability to utilize and integrate concepts from systems like Human Design, Astrology, and Gene Keys is brilliant and so, so helpful. While I've been studying these systems for many years, I found a new freshness and genius to her way that is truly deLightful and captivating. I highly recommend her work for diving in with some support and orientation that will hugely deepen your journey.


Adela's reading gave me clarity about my life's purpose and how my particular energies served the universal consciousness.


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Pam deLeo

Idaho, USA

Susan Moss

Seattle, USA

Avery Mia

Los Angeles


It is lovely to learn during 1 to 1 sessions, but it is much more fun to participate to courses. Be it learning about Astrology, Gene Keys, Human Design or blends of systems that can help you know yourself better, this is your place to learn and evolve.


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