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Bach Floral Essences – consultations and remedies

The are 38 Floral Essences Dr. Bach used in his amazing and visionary work.

They are usually blended in unique remedies, each remedy being created after listening to your personal journey. A blend can have 3, 4, 5 or up to 7 Floral Essences…or sometimes only the Rescue remedy is needed, only only 1 type of Floral Essence…every blend is unique, as your story and yourself.

You can read more about the Bach Floral Essences and how they work, here.

You can see my official practitioner profile, here.

A consultation lasts between 30 to 50 minutes, depending if we meet for the first time or if you are a returning client. The price of a consultation is 115 euros ( aprox. 125 $ ) and one bottle of remedy ( 30 ml, shipped by Post) is included ( in United States). For all other countries outside U.S, shipping of the remedy is not included.

*most consultations take place on Zoom, but if living in WA state, it could also be in person, depending on the exact location.

A refill of the same remedy – without another consultation, following the same initial consultation concern / topic is 55 euros. ( aprox. 61 $). Shipping in United States is included, with Post. For all other countries outside U.S, shipping of the remedy is not included. This type of services can be accessed only by returning clients, only for maximum 2 times in a row, after more than 3 bottle of remedies, a new consultation is needed.

Returning clients have a 10% discount to the consultations ( so 115 euros – 11.5 ( aprox. 125 $ – 12.5 ) following the initial one. The discount doesn’t apply to the refill of remedies.

You can schedule an appointment here or writing an e-mail to me at in**@ar****.us.

The payments can be done on PayPal or Zelle, payment details will be shared with you after the appointment is decided.