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Astrology and Gene Keys - Charts and Profile Readings

We can work using several types of methods and techniques of self-knowledge, I will adapt to your needs. Regardless of whether the chosen topic is related to your own person, career or relationship, the PayPal (transfer here: or using e-mail adress in**@ar****.us), regardless of whether you choose to meet face to face or prefer the online meeting (Zoom, Whatsapp, FB etc.)

The cost of a session is determined by the complexity of the topics covered, so there are 6 types of main services, the most popular once (all types of charts I make combine self-knowledge systems such as Human Design, Gene Keys, European Astrology and Vedic Astrology, if you prefer a certain system, please let me know) – you can also download the list of my complete, in depth services here -:

Natal Chart

We discuss in detail the most important topics that appear in your natal chart - the session lasts about 50 -60 min. and the price is 120 euros. ( aprox. 138 usd). or 90 min sessions is 200 euros. ( aprox. 214 usd).

Couple / Relationship dynamics Charts

We discuss in detail your chart and that of your loved one and focus on the dynamics of the couple the one hour session is 150 euros. (aprox. 175 usd). and the 90 minutes session is 225 euros (aprox. 240 usd).

Family Chart

We talk about you, your spouse and children, focusing on the family dynamics and how the little ones can be better understood and guided on a harmonious, aligned with their natural gifts - the meeting is an h and a half (90 min.) and the price is 255 euros. (aprox. 240 usd).

Follow-up session

A service offered exclusively for returning customers who want to deepen the understanding of their chart or have topics to discuss based on the charts already calculated in the first session - the session 40 min. session is 85 euros. (aprox. 98 usd) - (final price, no coupon or discount can be applied).

Dream Arc session

In a unique, intuitive, and creative session, we combine insights from the Natal Chart or Gene Keys Profile with the Dream Arc. This teaching integrates animal symbolism and guides to explore profound aspects of ourselves and our journey. Session duration: 1 hour. Price: 125 euros (approx. 135 USD). Alternatively, a 75-minute session is available for 200 euros (approx. 215 USD).

Hologenetic Gene Keys Profile

Deepen your Hologenetic GK Profile and work privately with this teaching. Explore the meaning of frequency bands, lines, and spheres in your profile. Incorporate Astrology for a more grounded experience. Ideal for those seeking intense study and self-work. Prices: 1-hour session - 130 euros (approx. 152 USD), 90-minute session - 205 euros (approx. 220 USD).