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Roaaar! Here we are, on Mars!

If last week we explored the various manifestations of love and beauty in the Venusian world, today let’s take a brave step into the world of Mars.

The fascinating Mars, a symbol of masculine energy, war and aggression, has a special role in astrology and is analyzed by astrologers both in the dynamics of the couple and in the natal charts. Astrologically speaking, Mars has to do with our dynamism, our energy, our sexuality. You can read more about the general meaning of the planet in the article here, today I will focus on the meaning of different zodiac signs that can color the meaning of Mars in your natal chart. If you don’t know what sign your Mars is in, you can generate a free chart here.

Usually more pronounced in intensity in men charts, Mars is worthy of analysis and understanding in women charts too, because it shows us our instinctual nature, our sexual impulses and the ambition with which we pursue our goals. In Human Design, Mars is seen as a type of immature energy, difficult to control and align with standards, signifying, in the profile, the place where we learn and grow and develop naturally throughout life, correctly following our authority and strategy (detail about this topic in future articles). In the Gene Keys, the conscious Mars appears in the form of the sphere called EQ, referring to our emotional, intimate part and the period of development of emotions, associated with puberty, and the subconscious Mars appears as the sphere called Vocation / Core, known as the sacred wound – it is usually referring
to an inherited vulnerability or to an area of ​​deep exploration of the connection with the concept of collective wound.

For me, Mars talks about the mix between sexuality (I recommend you explore the theory here, Jaiya is the creator of this erotic test, you might find out new things about you! The test is free and accessible here), impulsivity, vitality and energy. We will immediately embark on the journey of Mars through the signs and I invite you to think about what makes you feel alive, to get out of bed full of energy and what are the ways you like to be conquered and conquer from an erotic point of view. Let’s get started!

Mars in the Fire signs – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, is a conqueror and an impatient soul. Here the vital energy is action-oriented, we have in this category the people who quickly follow their desires, be they sexual or otherwise … between stimulation, idea and action does not pass too long. Mars in Aries is the fastest, most impulsive and most sexual. Usually they are extremely easily desired, the men with this placement have a fighting spirit and the women are very brave and daring (if not …. hmmm … maybe Mars is retrograde, because otherwise …). In Leo we have the great lovers of love! Leo is a sign associated with creation, love stories and luxury, so when they love and conquer, they do so in a visible, colorful, mind-boggling style. They love to love and want to shine in love and sexuality. In Sagittarius we have the explorers, the nature lovers and free spirits. Whether they are men or women, this placement of Mars is usually not easy to conquer and they are looking for a partnership in which they can evolve, feel freedom and be able to explore.

Mars in the Earth signs – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, is a force of nature. With a lot of ambition, endurance, tenacity and extreme sensuality, here we meet very passionate people … but who open up and show themselves very rarely. Earth signs appreciate patience, weigh well before getting involved, but when they get involved, they are loyal and sensual. In Taurus, Mars indicates strong sexuality, love for exploring the senses, the pleasure of comfort and beautiful things. They are lovers of beauty, like those with Mars or Venus in Libra, but let’s not forget who is the co-governor of Taurus … Vulcan … so, under the placid calm of Taurus, a lot of passion can be seen, which the native rarely shows, and when he does it’s usually in his private life. In Virgo we have a very interesting and complex Mars, it often takes patience to see the less “pure” side of this placement. Mars in Virgo, Capricorn and Scorpio (Water sign) are usually associated with the kinky erotic typology, so give yourself time to get to know your partner or get to know yourself better, often the rules impose things that are not fair and smart and misinform us on these subjects. In Capricorn we have a very passionate Mars, but well hidden under a cold and tactical mask. A sign of great tenacity, work ethic, ambition and incredible creative and sexual power, which he gradually makes visible and available for exploration in partnership.

Mars in the Air signs – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, is an explorer of the mental world. Here we have the category of those who love new information, those who love the unconventional and those who love and impose their freedom and independence. Air signs are very difficult to conquer and even harder to have close, except when these natives feel the desire to dedicate themselves and let themselves be “caught”. In Gemini, Mars is a talker, even a quarrelsome spirit. Love and sexuality have to do with intelligence, and this Mars is stimulated by intelligent partners. Sexuality is combined with play and curiosity and we have here, as in Aquarius, the shapeshifter, a type of high and complex eroticism, which needs dedication and patience to be fully understood. In Libra, Mars is a lover of relationships and wants to be in partnership, in order to express its typical sensuality. They are lovers of beauty, luxury, have refined tastes and are very careful in choosing their partner. Let’s not forget that Venus is the ruler of Libra, so to have the planet Mars, the planet of aggression, in a sign ruled by the balanced and refined Venus … you can realize how diplomatic and deep these natives can be, sometimes of a neutrality which can surprise those around them. In Aquarius, we have a very rebellious and unconventional Mars. Whether in the feminine or masculine chart, this placement tells us about the importance of freedom, individuality and a high vision of life. Here we have people for whom being different is very important, they are the ones who love their different imprint and are also looking for partners of this kind. They have a complex, unconventional sexuality and love exploration. But let’s not forget that, along with Taurus, Leo and Scorpio, Aquarius is a fixed sign, so if they decide to dedicate themselves to a partner, they can be very loyal and dedicated, so do not confuse exploration with lack of commitment.

Mars in the Water signs – Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, is a master of emotional connection. These placements are very good at reading the emotions of others and are also indicators of an interesting combination of sensuality and sexuality. They are usually part of the sensual or energetic erotic typologies, here being the lovers of absolute partnerships. They love to know their partner very well, to merge with their partner, especially if Mars is in Pisces. In Cancer, Mars wants home, comfort, emotion and family. It is a placement for which the idea of ​​home is very relevant, bringing a lot of beneficial energy. In Scorpio we have one of the most discussed placements in the groups of astrologers, being considered a great seducer. Both women and men with this placement have something, an inexplicable dose of charm and sex appeal and are extremely and easily desired. It is a sign that loves sexuality and loves the depth of love, he dedicates himself after some time, he is very selective, but when he decides to get involved, he does it completely. The last sign, that of Pisces, is the place of energetic sexuality, here we usually have those who want that spiritual, elevated, refined fusion. This is a very emotional and complex sign, that can easily access unseen plans. People with Mars in Pisces have an innate wisdom as if planted in their personality from an early age. They are charming, with great seductive abilities but also with a great attraction to impossible relationships or illusory love stories (Neptune is the governor of Pisces).

Thanks for reading and traveling together. I leave you with this theme of contemplation the wonderful energy of Mars. For you, how does the masculine side of Mars and the feminine side of Venus manifest?

See you soon!