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A pit stop for exploring Jupiter, Pluto and Chiron

Did you have time to integrate the lessons from your last planetary? Hope so, because we are getting ready to explore new destinations. Today we reach Jupiter, Pluto and Chiron. I grouped them like this because they are the three controversial ones, each for a different reason. Jupiter causes astrologers to duel before deciding whether it is a personal planet or not, with Pluto the dance is between deciding if it is a planet of not, and Chiron is an asteroid that weighs so significantly in the natal chart … as if it forces you to take it much more seriously and see it as a planet.

Beautiful and giant Jupiter! This planet is so very dear to me, not only because it is close to my ascendant, but also because it is represented in the Gene Keys profile by a sphere named the Pearl, a sphere that includes the essence of the hologenetic profile. Many times, when working with my clients, I recommend that, when they feel they are entangled in too much information, they should consider connecting with the energy of the Pearl sphere, the key and the line there. It tells the life story so clearly! Jupiter is also called the great benefic and it is the big and beautiful planet which, as I like to say, “weights heavy in the map”. Jupiter can’t be ignored, it is the biggest planet, called metaphorically the king of the solar system, so a glance at it is revealing when we study a natal chart. Its energy speaks in astrology about expansion, knowledge, opportunities, prosperity, luck and the right internal laws for us. It is one of the most complex planetary energies, I declare myself totally fascinated by the entire imprint of this planet.

And we go from one wonderful planet to another. Welcome to Pluto. The Plutonian energy is deeply frightening to many, but fear it not, Pluto has its role in our story. Associated with the idea of ​​transformation and representing the archetype of the Scorpion (the Black Scorpion, the White Scorpion), Pluto is the planet that connects us with our less visible, less pleasant parts. In Human Design, it is associated with the idea of ​​truth, not the general one, but the personal, subjective truth. Because I am one of the people born in the generation with Pluto in Scorpion and I have many aspects between Pluto and the personal planets, the strong energy that it brings to life is very dear to me. Not always necessarily pleasant, because the changes that Pluto forces you to go through can be very harsh, but always bringing clarity and truth. Evolutionary astrology, which I recommend to be studied by the passionate ones, gives a central role to this planet and associates it with the evolutionary path of our soul.

Next destination, Chiron. Increasingly studied and loved by astrologers, Chiron is an asteroid that I feel, archetypal talking, has the complex and deep energy similar to a planet. Not all websites or programs for calculating natal charts automatically calculate it, often it must be checked in the advanced settings section, which is why it can be overlooked. And that is not good! Because its significance in the chart is very important. Associated with the term “Wounded Healer”, Chiron tells us about our hidden wounds, the areas we have to heal and where we rarely get the healing light shine on. I think it takes courage and inner honesty to get you in dialogue with Chiron’s placement in the natal chart. It may bring a lot of crying, often we can feel that wound does not pass whatever we do. But there are good parts too! Chiron can be a great guide in the inner journey to wisdom and awakening, it is associated with the centaur’s image and this human / animal duality is a metaphor for resolving the conflict between the spiritual and the instinctual. The horse is one of my favorite animals and I strongly resonated with the association between Chiron and Lung-ta, a mythical creature that can fly (representing the 5th element, space) and whose role is to transport prayers from Earth to Heaven.

How does astrology start to look like for you? I smile peacefully anticipating your answer.

Nice contemplation! We will soon meet for the next planetary journey.

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