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The dominant planet, or about how personal energy combines with the energy of the Universe

Today I am writing about a topic that is very dear to me. About the dominant planetary energy in the natal chart. Some time ago, when this information came to me unexpectedly, I was deeply impressed because everything suddenly started to make sense.

I dedicate this article to all those who did not understand, until now, why their zodiac sign does not say much to them. I dedicate this article to astrologers and those who work with people using various systems of personal development and knowledge. I hope this discovery will help you as deeply in your work as it has helped me.

You often hear how one talks about a major astronomical event or how a certain planet is said to have retrograde or direct motion. Well, this delightful dynamism of the planets is what makes wonders possible in the natal charts. At the time of your birth, planets, satellites and asteroids had certain positions in the sky. One day, one week, one month later, these positions go through major changes. The aspects that planets have in the natal chart are the delight of astrologers. Some planets communicate more with other planets, others less. There will be charts where the Moon is very close to the Sun, such as those born on the New Moon, or cases where trans-personal plants are approaching and creating strong conjunctions, such as the generation born in the late 1980s and early 1990s. These movements create aspects that determine which planet dominates the chart and which planet governs the ascendant.

So let’s take the case in which you are the sign of Cancer. If we analyze the classic temperament of this zodiac sign, we expect to have to deal with a very sensitive, maternal, warm and patient person. But if the dominant planet of the person with the Sun in Cancer is, in fact, Mars in Aries, we will discover an extremely dynamic, sporty, direct and impulsive nature. And looking at that, we either say that astrology is stupid because we read what describes the Cancer, or we don’t understand what’s wrong with us, if we seem to be pretty turbo for a Cancer

Let’s take another example, the one in which the dominant planet is personal vs. the dominant planet is trans-personal. Perhaps we are an Aquarius sign, the classic visionary innovator of the zodiac, the man connected to the future and what it is to come. Maybe the Aquarius we are talking about has the dominant planet Venus, a personal planet. We will have a man for whom love, art, emotions and expressing feelings are extremely important. If the Aquarius person has a trans-personal dominant planet, for example Neptune (the highest octave of Venus), we will have a romantic who is preoccupied with the collective part of love, the spiritual and unseen and generally human side of love, we may even see a man talking to plants, animals, crystals, not necessarily the classic Venusian who writes love-scented letters.

The position of the dominant planet in the natal chart is, from my point of view, one of the essential things to know regarding astrology by both the passionate and the “old” astrologers in the industry. It can be information that brings a lot of clarity and simplicity, which can more easily guide the understanding of the deep personal potential.

We choose … or maybe the Universe chooses for us, the moment when we are born and the planetary energy of that special moment in our structure to help us achieve our highest mission on Earth. Some of us have a mission related to working with people, and then we will find placements that have to do with language, communication, adaptation, others have to raise children and take care of food and shelter, and then we will discover an excellent moon position, or others have to deal with difficult social reforms, in which case we will encounter trans-personal planets called to action.

The first online course I will do is exactly on this topic, if you feel called to learn about planets and dominant planets, find details here, or if you want to work one by one on your natal chart, you can choose the service for calculating the dominant planet here.

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