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So, are we waking up?

I usually write about planetary activations or about gates and keys that I have in my profile, because it is easier for me to describe the essence of the experiences I went through. Here comes the day when I write about a key / gate that I don’t have in my personal profile, but whose effect is so strong in my life. I will also use some language specific to Gene Keys, Astrology and Human Design, but … with the patience to read the lines until the end you will see that the idea of ​​the article is equally relevant for those who are not explorers of the world of self-knowledge. We are in full Cancer season and are approaching a Full Moon in Cancer / Capricorn Axis. Very interesting zodiac signs and very interesting polarity. Today we will discuss more than two zodiac signs, you will immediately see why. 🙂

The Key / Gate that is now activated by the Sun is 39 – a Cancer sign one, and the Earth (for some time now I work more and more with this planetary placement and it is fascinating!) Activates the Key / Gate 38 – a Capricorn one. Fantastic is the role that the holders of the key 39 have in this surprising stage that we all go through, as humanity … they are the liberators. I want to thank them for doing this service to all of us. The path of Key 39 passes through the Shadow of Provocation, the Gift of Dynamism and the Grace of Liberation. I often like to call the owners of this key … the teasers, because they have a unique style to challenge you, to take you out of your comfort zone, to show you where you are still stuck and where you are stagnant. Remember how we had wounds when we were little, and we kept picking our scabs and getting hurt again? That’s exactly what 39 does. It teases you, it “scratches”. Sometimes in vain, if it is in the shadows, other times to wake you up and release stagnant energies. And as we mentioned the sign of Cancer … it’s not in vain that Cancer has the pliers he can use to catch of defend when he wants. Also from the world of Cancer comes the abundance of emotions and moods that the owners of this gate show, especially in the dynamics with gate 55. But, until we get to the topic of channel 39/55, let’s finish the duo of 39 and his programming partner, the key 38. If 39 is the Liberator … well … 38 is the Warrior or Fighter. The key 38, key of Capricorn, is the one that goes the way from the Shadow of Struggle, the Gift of Perseverance and the Grace of Honor. As I mentioned, I don’t have the 39 key defined in my profile, but I have the 38 key 3 times, the one that is repeated most of the times in my profile … and this power duo, 38-39 seems fascinating to me. Both are gates that start from the Root, both have the daring and unstoppable energy of the Earth and when they join forces they are like a wonderful mix of dance / fight / refined and full of energy martial arts. Often the provoking 39 finds in the possessor of 38 a partner with whom he can fight for the personal and collective empowerment. Let’s not forget that 38 is in the Fighter’s channel, next to the Key 28 – a Scorpio one … a channel with strong and fearless energy. But … let’s go deeper into the subject of 39 and see what it wants to release and with whom does it shakes hands?

Well, now we come to the “bride of 39” … the key 55. Channel 39/55 is the channel of Romance … beautiful, isn’t it? Besides the full of love part and the abundance of emotions, because gate 55 is one of the most full of emotions and one of the most capricious, this channel also has a much higher mission, which I had the chance to feel in all cells ( I have the key 55 twice, pam, pam!). 39 is the Liberator and 55 is Freedom … the type of energy that is formed when these energies are put together have a strong impact both in personal lives and in groups or in the professional sphere. 55 is one of the Keys / Gates with an absolutely SF message … it deals with many alignments related to the new world … maybe for many the term Aquarius Era is already familiar … if it isn’t, I guess you feel pretty clearly the strong changes we are going through, on a planetary level. Well, this leap that the key 55 does propose, this Freedom that we all dream of, especially those of us with non-conformist natures, is fueled by the energetic energy of 39. This “wedding” between Liberation and Freedom is the one that brings us the light of personal power, the confidence in our individuality that we can be put into service of a higher mission. Owners of 39/55 come to wake us up, to “shake” our spirit in order to bring deep awareness. Their thinking is like breaking a package that is or was beautiful … but it is useless, because the purpose of awakening is to become aware of your essence, to see your uniqueness and the wonderful living flame with which you can bring change into the world. And the Liberation and Freedom brought by this sacred couple is not a frantic or a very hippie one, as we can imagine when we utter the word free … but it is another face of totality … Freedom comes with everything, with all facets of totality and many of the free ones are those who no longer identify with a certain role or created image, but those who have fully experienced them all, the ones who said YES to the Dynamic challenges and who have let themselves be released and empowered.

I leave you to contemplate these wonderful keys … if you have them in your profile, I would be very happy to know how you perceive your inner turmoil and transformation and what your wings look like in flight …

And, I’ll end with a specific image of the summer period, the bird associated with key 39 is the seagull … what a full embodiment of freedom … the seagull and the infinite sea …

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