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The Moon (conscious and subconscious) in the Zodiac Signs

The fascinating Moon … let’s step today into the mysterious world of emotions and explore the powerful engine behind our actions … The Moon! We will explore both the Moon in the Astrological chart and the one that appears in the profile of the Gene Keys as the sphere of Attraction. In Human Design, a system I often refer to in my presentations, this placement also appears in the area of ​​design or subconscious (on red), as well as on the side of personality or conscious (on black). Below is an image showing these positions in a complex astrological map (includes part of HD + Chiron placement).

Chart calculated on the website

The position of the Moon in the classic Astrological chart is calculated based on the date of birth and the time of birth and represents the sign of this satellite at the time of our birth. The Moon on the subconscious side, which is called the Attraction, is calculated starting from the date of birth and taking an imaginary step back in time, a few months before birth. About 88 days or 3 months before our date of birth. Analyzed from various perspectives by astrologers, this moment marks, among other things, the union between spirit and body. This subconscious part of our nature (the whole red part of the chart) is very important in a deeper understanding of the planetary aspects.

I invite you to explore, as we begin, the general meaning of the Moon in Astrology and to discover what energy charge it has in different Zodiac signs. The Moon represents our emotional, intuitive and instinctual part. It is the one who shows us, in a natal chart, why we react in certain ways and what are the subtle mechanisms that make us live our lives in certain ways. In Vedic astrology, the ancient and wise Indian astrology, the placement of the Moon was considered even more important than that of the Sun. The Moon, like the Ascendant, are two of the astrological placements that change frequently during a day, either as a sign or as a position in the Astrological houses. Astrologers often use the Moon placement to help clients discover the correct time of birth. Indian tradition associates the sign of the Moon with the way our minds work, at a subtle level, explaining a very interesting connection, taken over by European astrologers:

Thought – Desire – Action

As we can see, the action is not only the realm ruled by Mars, but also the discreet Moon has a lot to say here. Considered the intimate engine of actions, our Moon has a special relevance both in the natal chart and in the couple chart. Depending on the planets with which the Moon enters in aspects with, we can see what kind of nuance our emotional life has and what kind of people we attract instinctively in our lives. Below are some planetary associations, but patiently discover your natal chart and see what other interesting aspects appear (I recommend focusing on the major aspects that may occur – conjunctions, oppositions, trine, sextile, square).

Moon + Pluto = Plutonian Moon, intense, transformative emotions and relationships.

Moon + Uranus = Uranian Moon, unconventional, whimsical emotions and relationships.

Moon + Neptune = Neptunian Moon, idealized, spiritualized emotions and relationships.

Moon + Chiron = Chironian Moon, healing emotions and relationships, deep.

Moon + Saturn = Saturnian Moon, difficult, repressed emotions and relationships.

* you can make associations with all important planetary positions – Venus, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, etc.

In the subconscious part, the Moon is also called Attraction (according to the teaching named Gene Keys) and we will discover that even there we have a zodiac sign, a key and an active line. I recommend you work patiently and carefully with your chart and profile, the wonderful treasures we have active at birth are not easily seen at first. When contemplating and studying the theme of the Moon, the emotional and instinctual side, consider both positions of the Moon in your chart, according to the chart attached in the model above and below.

My recommendation is to start studying the Moon with the position of the Moon in the subconscious part, the one marked on the red column. What key or gate activates your subconscious moon? In what sign is it and in what house? We often attract into our lives, seemingly without realizing why, people who have planets in the sign in which we have the subconscious and conscious Moon. This material will be limited to the astrological part, but if you feel the call to explore in detail the reference to keys and gates in Gene Keys and Human Design, you have below two very good sources, in English.

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After working with the subconscious part, move on to the personality part, the active Moon in your natal chart, the one represented on the black column. This position of the Moon is the classic one, that Moon that we astrologers refer to when we talk about the emotional part. The Moon here is closely related to the way we act and express our inner emotions and feelings. Let’s not forget that the Moon is, along with the Sun, one of the astral bodies that produce light, the classic Luminaries so loved in the analysis of couple maps. The moon is the bright and discreet force with which our most subtle parts are visible. So let’s see what the different zodiac signs that can activate the Moon and our Attraction shpere.

Each planetary position analyzed in astrology can be found in: Domicile, Exaltation, Fall or Detriment. For the Moon, the signs that occupy these positions are: Domicile – Cancer, Exaltation – Taurus, Fall – Scorpio, Detriment – Capricorn. See if your Moon or Attraction is in such a sign, this mentioning is relevant, even before you see further the dynamics in the signs.

Moon / Attraction in Fire signs

Aries – Leo – Sagittarius

We see here the energy of the initiators, of the daredevils, of the action people. For this zodiac group, emotion means dynamism and adventure. They like challenges, love to have a dynamic and joyful intimate life. Aries is a impulsive and very fast sign, may not be patient with partners that are too emotional or sensitive, is more focused on starting new things and on living everything to the fullest. Leo is a sign concerned with creation and evolution of the self, so he is attracted to the relationships in which he feels he is constantly a better version of himself. They love beauty and luxury and want to live in abundance and to be able to express themselves freely in relationships. Sagittarius is the explorer, loves knowledge, loves to travel and will be attracted to partners with whom he can explore privacy as freely and complexly as possible. It is a sign that refines itself over time and calms its impulses full of passion when he discovers a wise, communicative and profound partner.

Moon / Attraction in Earth signs

Taurus – Virgo – Capricorn

Earth is related to instinct and intuition, so here we meet the Moon group that is silent but very sensitive. Here we have pragmatic people, those who express emotions and intuition in practical forms, often creators or people concerned with the material side, which brings them emotional peace. Here we have the category of comfort lovers, those who want security to be able to open up emotionally. Taurus is the position of Exaltation of the Moon, which is an area of ​​joy, of abundance. For this natives emotions and expressing them can have a wonderful effect, both for themselves and and for loved ones. In Virgo, the Moon is less extroverted. But loyal and logic. These are the natives who love purity, simplicity and cleanliness, at least in the emotional area. They want transparency and openness and can be vulnerable and insecure at the beginning of relationships. In Capricorn the Moon is in detriment so … a difficult and complex position. We usually see people here which find it difficult to open up and do open up to very few people. They are very pragmatic, serious and strong, rarely giving access to their vulnerable side. It takes a lot of patience with such partners, but the depth with which they feel and love is surprising and refined in time.

Moon / Attraction in Air signs

Gemini – Libra – Aquarius

In the this group we meet the social ones, the friendly people of the Zodiac. The Moon in aAir signs have a great desire for exploration, communication and freedom. They are difficult-to-understand partners, very changeable and extremely mentally active. Many times we meet here the strongest mental energy, the people who rationalize or analyze their emotions a lot. They tend to be spontaneous, but this spontaneity is mental, not necessarily instinctual. In Gemini we have a Moon that wants information and knowledge. They are attracted to intelligent, active, fickle partners and those who know how to handle well the words and work well with people. In Libra, we have a Moon that loves harmony and beauty. These are the ones who love art, the aesthetic side of life. Their mediation skills are extraordinary, they know how to communicate with however, they become very pleasant and have great seductive powers. In Aquarius, the Moon is that of the visionary, of the person preoccupied with the future and with the great ideas of what is coming. For them, intimacy means evolution, it means exploration of strange or unconventional topics. They can attract partners from diverse environments, learning a lot from relating to people from all backgrounds and cultures.

Moon / Attraction in Water signs

Cancer – Scorpio – Pisces

The Moon in the Water signs is very connected with everything that means feeling. Here we have the category of sensitives. Sensitive people and people with clairvoyant powers (often those with the Moon in Earth signs too). In the signs of the Water element we see the concern for depth, authentic connection with the other, intimacy, spirituality. In Cancer the Moon is at home. Emotions are food for the soul for this native, he can have complex emotions that he knows how to live and refine them. He/she is a warm, gentle and sensitive personality who needs to feel at home when she expresses herself. He loves family and people and invests time in emotionally nurturing relationships with loved ones. In Scorpio the Moon is falling, this position being difficult, similar to that in Capricorn. We are dealing here with the prototype of the emotional shaman, the man who drills deep areas of the subconscious in order to be able to live his intimate reality more intensely. The Moon in Scorpio can go through transformative emotional stories in order to reinvent itself and be reborn. She/he is attracted to powerful, mystical, mysterious and magnetic people. The Moon in Pisces is linked to the world of creation, fantasy, sensitivity and dreaming. Here we have the idealists, the people connected to the subtle fields, the people with excellent intuitive abilities. They are attracted to imaginative partners eager to explore the deep subconscious and intimacy.

Until next week, when we explore the astrological houses where the Moon is … good luck further exploring! What is the sign of your Moon and what planetary aspects does it make?

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