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There is a very good personality test, based on the research done by Carl Jung, Katharine Briggs and Isabel Myers, about which many of you know. If you do not know about it, I invite you to discover your personality type by answering the questions here. Today’s article is about my typology, hoping it will be of use for those of you who have the same type of personality or for those of you who want to understand their closest friends better. I am ENFP, meaning Extroverted, Intuitive, Affectionate, and Perceptive. I’m not going to write using difficult to understand terms in this post, but I invite you to learn more about MBTI typologies as you’ll find interesting information.

The ENFP is “created around” the following important theoretical aspects:

1. intuition and extroverted thinking – this type gets energy from exploring new ideas and likes to juggle with the possibilities of the future. Quickly sees opportunities and likes challenges. Has a practical inteligence, quick way of thinking, knows how to present himself clearly and organize his ideas and likes the debates.

2. Introverted way of analyzing feelings, understanding affectivity and perceiving senses – here is the great paradox … ENFP is the most introverted of … extroverted. An analytical and profound way of understanding how people work, the desire to discover the truth, the passion for authenticity, the need to spend quality time with oneself, focus on detail, and understand the past for a better future, inner state of rebellion.

3. Visionary idealism, a common component for all those who have the NF combination in the middle of the four letters of their typology. For them, creativity, freedom of expression and the enthusiasm to “see” the future are vital.

What does that combination of letters mean to me and what helped me to understand?

First of all, I understood parts of my duality better – times when I was a bullet of energy and a magnet for people, and other times being a melancholic and withdrawn person. I understand that this combo is common for ENFPs and that our thirst for experiences, information, new environments makes sense especially if we combine it with moments of depth, retreat and connection to what is authentic for us.

I discovered my “still alive” childhood themes and I accepted, with love, that some features will NOT change. Curiosity, energy, independence existed then, and even now. Also, the desire to be part of a group simultaneously with the desire to preserve and express individuality. I managed to sketch my true calling in more detail manner and to gratefully thank the people who followed the “inspiration” I gave them. For an ENFP, the success of mobilizing others to live their lives fully is an infinite source of joy.

For you, other dear ENFPs, or for those who have such friends, I will end this posting, recommending that you keep your madness, enthusiasm, warmth and compassion always alive. This typology is perhaps difficult to discipline … and especially difficult to self-discipline, but with patience and understanding, the gift of depth and the joy of discovering new experiences can do wonders for you and others. Thank you for reading and I invite you to watch the detailed video about this typology here.