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Identity distortions

The thought of this evening is about identity, who I am and what makes me be me. Generally speaking, not only me.

I was talking to a friend about the many people who are ready, hops-hop, to put you on the way, to show you what is your correct identity and to explain what you have to do with her. And our dilemma arose after we realized that more and more people are kind of … let’s say it steep, lost to the authentic self. And then where is buba? These are the times, these are the results of the information we receive, that’s the conclusion of a guiding by people who would rather be sold savarin in a fancy confectionery (but we choose to sell our donuts … and sell them expensive … )?

I am one of the victims of this endless mirage of pseudo-self-knowledge … yuhu! Without detailing the experiences that seemed to be bombastic in solving my problems with the self … I can tell you that the resources I spent in finding out what’s on earth with me are already hardly “countless.” We have invested time, energy, dedication, and money to discover the (endless) layers of our own personality and the only conclusion we have reached is that there is no school, no system, no trainer or new age guru to know depth who you are or what to do with your unique impression in this world. YES, there are techniques, there are beliefs, there are people who allocate time and attention to guide the evolution of the other, but our boundlessness, of each of us, is hard to encompass in words, maps, profiles, images, etc. You can find out more about your talents, your tendencies, or your weaknesses in the most varied ways … but how many times … connecting yourself to our own person are we not already doing these things?

I do not discuss this theme here to emphasize only the dark sides of “self-knowledge” services. Not at all. I will continue to attend classes that will show me again, do not know what hidden layer of self or give me a new perspective on my astrogram. Because I like to find out. I like to compare, collect information and apply them in my own way. But I think it is important to discern between the interest for a subject, a technique, a vision and what is or is not part of our identity.

My invitation is to invest more energy in listening to and knowing each other. I think our reactions, our body, our emotions can give us important clues about who we are. Yes, identity can be developed, refined, educated … many of the popular techniques now support us, but it would be good if they do not dictate who we are, but simply make it easier to bring to light some truths that already exist we know about them.

So, because we still have a week of hot and warm autumn, I recommend that we “air” our mind a little and talk to us from us … the spectacularly colored nature can only support us in this process.