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Radiant skin

Today I choose to write about some simple truths relating to beauty. That’s why 2-in-1 beauty, the combination of outside and inside.

Today I want to refer to the importance of attention afforded our skin. This year, I understand how many we can signal our inner skin about imbalances or how quickly it reacts to the wrong kind of care. Although I had the good fortune to have a clean and smooth complexion skin strong and I have a sensitive skin and my years of working kinda given Couperose (although for many seem likeable the deal with red cheeks … I assure you that it’s not just like in any shall). I managed to domolesc the moment I slackened myself, understanding that inner agitation and timely positioning perms … comes out and the skin.

I will refer here only to Chapter ten, giving the skin a broader article body, as soon as possible.

How to shine the image, or if you have so, how to keep it light?

My routine care starts from the following principles:

  •  Use as natural as possible products for cleansing and creams and sours of the best quality for hydration. Clearing is extremely important and it depends on what type of product is “doing its job”. For me, sweet almond oil is excellent, even removes waterproof makeup. If they remain without mild vegetable oils for the area of ​​the eyes, they use a biphasic cleanser, the slightly oily formulations seem to me suitable for cleansing. I’m not a fan of excessive skin wash – I know many people who are soapy after cleansing. My soap ritual drips my skin, which is why, if I feel the skin loaded, I opt for a facial wash formula with mild foam (there are many such products, there are also foamer containers, you can choose to make your own formula for washed the skin). The brand of favorite creams is different for everyone, I generally opt for cosmetics with as few unnecessary ingredients, read the label carefully and do not buy products with endless shelf-life. I use a gentle moisturizing product, fatty creams or vegetable oils for evening mask and sunscreen formulations for the day.
  • Skin massage when applying cream. I do not throw my cream on my face in two steps, but try to give me a few minutes of refreshment and pay attention to the relaxation of my face. If I’m on the run in the morning, I do the mini-ritual of the skin tonight.
  • I love thermal water, floral water or tonic lotion. For me I am the indispensable ingredient, often in the morning, if I’m on the run, I choose to make some jasmine or mint water. After making up my makeup, I use thermal water, it seems to give life to her complexion.
  • Making – a little but good. I do not collect kerchiefs or mascara or countless lipsticks … I did that, and the risk of using products that expire and can cause allergic reactions is a bit big. So, I buy what I use and what I like and I like the period. I do not detail here the theme of makeup … it deserves special attention to the subject.
  • I agree with a pampering weekly – I buy a nourishing mask or I prepare myself at home and agree half an hour of “food” to my complexion. If I can tie the pamper and sorption of some vegetable or fruit juice, the better.
  • The consumption of liquids and food, with real nutritional intake. My skin feels good when I eat healthy, when I drink good water and when I rest properly. Simple, right?

What does our face look like? 5 minutes of good music (I would say classical – the mother of music) listened in silence, the luxury of 15 minutes in bed in the morning, after awakening, the classical lemon water, the smiles and the laughing laugh, the direct and gentle words to others , love, sleep preparation with a book in her arms and herbal tea. My daily ritual includes the caress of the Milo cat, for which the musa-day begins and ends with the minutes of hinting.