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InDependence of Silence

Hello dear brave explorers. Today we are diving in the realms opened by a beautiful Gene Key / Gate, the ones that is now activated by the Sun’s position. So, let’s go on “route” 24!

This is one of the keys that is active in my personal hologenetic profile ( if you don’t know about this subject and you want to find out more, take a look here) and it’s story speaks deeply to me and through me. This archetype of the 24 gate is one that constantly amazes me, both in it shadow sides and radiant sides. It’s road is mainly described as the one from Addiction to Invention and Silence and contains the reflection theme of Gravity. The moment I heard the word Gravity, an instant connection with the significance this period of the year has in astrology came into my mind. I will present you today some information from the fascinating world of Vedic Astrology – the old and wise Indian Astrology. Without entering into fuzzy details at the moment, I will mention the Vedic astrology calculates signs a bit different then the European system and also they have a very interesting concept named Nakshatras ( lunar mansions ). According to this wisdom, the now period, when Sun is activating the Taurus corresponds to the nakshatra called Bharani (Indian zodiac: 13° 20′ – 26°40′ Aries/Western zodiac 7°06′ – 20°26′ Taurus) – and, our VIP of the day, Gene Key 24, is active in Taurus, corresponding with the segment between 7°37′ and 13°15′ of this sign. Let’s taste a bit of this Bharani flavour so we can, after that continue our journey with the 24.

Bharani in Vedic astrology, is symbolized by the elephant and corresponds to the zodiac house of  Aries/Taurus. Lord Yama represents this Nakshatra, keeper of the Akashic records and God of Death and the Underworld. Ever focused on justice, Lord Yama and likewise those born under the Bharani, bare a heavy burden on their journey.  When walking the good path, the Bharani is the embodiment of truth, purity and loyalty according to Jyotish.
Bharani is denoted by a triad of faint stars, also known as the ‘Bearing Star’ or ‘Star of Restraint’. Bharani is said to behold the energy of Venus and according to Vedic astrologers, Bharani represented the female sexual organ.
The indications of the name Bharani primarily relates to the feminine aspect of nature and its potential to receive, bear, foster and annihilate. Often understood as the doorway to another world, Bharani stands for catharsis, forbearance, jealousy and sacrifice. The functional representation of Bharani can be bets summed up by its nature to tend towards extremities. In fact, this is a constellation that oscillates between polar contradictions like the bohemian and the puritan, wisdom and naiveté, maturity and immaturity, and finally life and death. Bharani stands for desire, which can be summarized as a lust for life and fear of death. Due to their desire for extremes, these people seem to go through radical transformations throughout their life. Once they have embarked on a new path, they explore all its possibilities to the point of exhaustion when they have no choice but to look for something new. The Bharani universe is boundless. The creative impulse of Bharani is represented in childbearing in females and manifestation of creative energy in males. The interplay of the masculine and the feminine makes Bharani a very sexual nakshatra.

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So, what is the connection between these topics? The main common point is…Life and Death. 24 is on the Ring of Life and Death, Yama is Lord of the Underworld and Death, and Bharani has many symbols, one being the female sexual organ – named Yoni in vedic wisdom, relating to the process of birth and creation, and also the symbol of the triangle, related to the wide shoulders that should carry burdens.

It is not an easy key, it is not an easy nakshatra. Those born under it’s influence or having it activated in their profile can surely feel that. It is like a deep process of destruction in order to experience the deep silence and access the inner inventor and creator. Pain is many times associated with the processes this people go through, giving birth kinda hurts. And so does getting rid of addictions. The connection this shadow energy has with addictions leads also to sex, and sex can lead both to addictive tendencies and also to creation. Many times in the shadow state we get lost in destructive patterns…destroying our relationships, our career, our time, our health etc. Why do the ones having this key do that? Why do you do that? Is it because you want to Silence your mind (let’s not forget this is a gate in the mind area, the Ajna center)? It is Silence you are looking for? When you gamble, play obsessively on the computer, drink without control or have reckless experiences…is it because you want to get out of your Head for a little bit? And day by day discover that you are still in the Head space, anxious and stress, opening another beer, and another one, maybe Silence comes and we can go to sleep. Weeeeell…it doesn’t really work well like that.

My first “trick” for getting out of this never ending spinning circle is remembering who is the programming partner of this key and which is the channel 24 bridges. The 44 is the partner for 24, and helps this ongoing addictive mind get more into the body. 44 is a key related to the Spleen Center – intuition, health, instinct and wisdom of the body. So, whenever the mind gets too intense, try to take care of your health and body more, till you feel relaxed and with no need for dependencies. After the relaxation and Silence are felt in your being, open yourself to experience the miracles 24/61 Channel of contemplation can do, innovate and be an inspiration, for the self and for the community.

My second “trick” is to learn to enjoy Silence. I know it can be scary for all of us having this key, but….oh my…such amazing gifts come from entering that Space of uncreated reality. That is where the innovative Genius comes for this creative forces, from trusting the nothingness and the Silence and for daring to Innovate, to give birth for something new.

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