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The Moon Phases and the Archetypes they activate in the Natal Chart

As you may already know, I have a fascination for the Moon and like to understand it deeply in the charts of the clients I am working with. Not only the sign, house and aspects with other planets are important, but also the Moon Phase that was active at the time of your birth. Each month when that phase is active, you might feel a certain type of energy within you, and knowing how to use is for the good and for evolving is really a jewel.

The fabulous accurate descriptions below are written by beautiful people fascinated by the Moon. I recommend their website for accurate Moon Phases calculator and I thank them for allowing me to share this information with you! Here is the link –

New Moon-The Explorer
Novelty. Instinct. Spontaneity.
The New Moon is a phase of fresh starts, unlimited possibilities, and intuition. Events that occur during the New Moon represent the pursuit of new ideas and experiences. Gifted at seeing potential, those born under the New Moon tend to be optimistic and enthusiastic. If your birthday falls within this phase, you were born when the moon had no light; thus, you have learned to depend on your intuition. As a result you are quite spontaneous and detest over-planning and micro-managing. You work best when you live in the moment, and so you are very adaptable and great at meeting challenges as they arrive.

Waxing Crescent-The Innovator
Action. Creativity. Learning.
The Waxing Crescent phase is one of actions as the moon transitions from dark to the first sliver of light. Events that occur during this phase can often be characterized as breakthroughs, marked by a heavy emphasis on creativity, art and innovation. Likewise, those born under the Waxing Crescent Moon are highly action-oriented, known for their ability to take an idea and turn it into reality. With this artistic personality comes the tendency to cling to ghosts of the past. Additionally, those born under the waxing crescent are unusually quick learners and consume information at a rapid rate, giving them keen awareness.

First Quarter-The Leader
Management. Action. Willpower
The First Quarter is a phase characterized by movement, steadfastness and overcoming barriers. Events that occur under the First Quarter Moon are marked by their decisiveness; impulse may come into play, but there is nothing left to guesswork. Those born under the First Quarter Moon are extraordinary for their ability to thrive in any crisis. The more stressful the situation, the better they get at handling it. If your birthday falls within this phase, your impulsivity and creativity apply to the physical world as well as to ideas and concepts. You are probably very firm in your opinions. This, in combination with your natural managerial skills, often puts you in a position of leadership.

Waxing Gibbous-The Philosopher
Purpose. Analysis. Growth.
The Waxing Gibbous phase is the most philosophical of the moon phases, embodying the search for meaning and purpose. Events taking place during this phase represent growth and a striving for deeper significance beyond the everyday. Those born under the Waxing Gibbous moon have a strong need to understand and never stop asking “why?” If your birthday falls within this phase, you may be quite spiritual. Your strengths lie in seeing the big picture and you are focused on the greater good. You strive to learn all you can and create a sense of purpose–both for yourself and those around you. You help people understand themselves and situations better and are motivated by growth.

Full Moon-The Contradiction
Idealism. Duality. Fulfillment
The most enigmatic of the lunar signs, the Full Moon is a phase of opposing forces. Events that occur during this phase are characterized by duality–creative and logical, imaginative and practical, spiritual and worldly. Full Moon phase events may represent instability, but also present the opportunity to find balance between opposites. Those born during the Full Moon are susceptible to great swings in temperament and are likely deeply emotional. If your birthday falls during this phase, you are idealistic and constantly seek perfection. Your strength comes in the ability to find common ground between forces that others see as irreconcilable.

Waning Gibbous-The Sage
Wisdom. Communication. Conviction
Communication thrives during the Waning Gibbous phase. Events that occur during this time bestow insight and wisdom and are often marked by feelings of enlightenment. Those born under the Waning Gibbous Moon are described by friends and family as “wise beyond their years.” If you have a birthday during this phase, you are a natural communicator ready to spread your message to the world at large. You feel compelled to share your thoughts with others and may even feel responsible for those you attempt to enlighten. You are often strongly aligned with a cause and leave a lasting impression on those whose paths you cross.

Last Quarter-The Empath
Empathy. Individualism. Metamorphosis.
The Last Quarter is a phase of metamorphosis and discovery; what exists in the beginning is markedly different than that which emerges at the end. This moon represents transition, thus events that occur during this phase are associated with development. Those born under the Last Quarter Moon are the most emotionally aware of the lunar signs. If your birthday falls within this phase, you have intense empathy, feeling others’ emotions as your own more aptly than others are capable of. As a result, you require more alone time than most in order to find and center yourself. A true individual, you’re not afraid to listen to your guiding inner voice.

Waning Crescent-The Mystic
Awareness. Spirituality. Enlightenment.
Events that occur under the Waning Crescent Moon are deeply aligned with the greater universe. This phase represents the transition from the physical to the spiritual, so events that fall under the Waning Crescent typically embody an intersection of past and future. The past has a significant bearing on how the future will unfold. Those with a birthday during this phase hold a great understanding of spiritual and mystical aspects. As a Mystic, you’re highly intuitive and may often be able to perceive things that others are unaware of. You have a confidence that only comes through a deep understanding of the universe.

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