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Magical Genius or how to be a Whole being

After  a  long  period of ignoring  my  passion  for  writing  I  decided  today  to  return to the it. I  woke  up  this  morning  with  a huge thrill to finish reading a  book  I  liked  a  lot : Warrior  Goddess ( I’ll  write  about it an  article in the blog category  The  book  of  the  week). As  soon  as  I read  the  book, I  got off  the  bed in  a  catching  enthusiasm and my revelations have been pouring through me.

Many  of  you  already  know about  my deep  passion  for self-knowledge.  One  of  the systems  which  helped me  in  this ”game” bears  the  name  of  Gene  Keys.  Rolling  my  profile  on  all  sides, about  a  year  ago I  came  to the conclusion ( which  I  too  timidly and  narrowly  shared outwardly) that  the  essence  on  one’s  profile can  be  read in  the sphere called  Pearl.  As  I am  the  person who often  searches  for new  information  and interesting  facts, decoding a tangled  profile became exhausting. Moreover, I  nearly   got into psychosis.  I  understood  that  this  Pearl sphere so  simply and clearly tells the individual’s story. It’s  like  a  button  to  push  when  we  get lost in the crazy and  endless  shadow work.

My  Pearl sphere is  key 16 in line 3. Or, in  a  friendly language The  Magic Genius  in the  Celebration  Line. The  dark  side of this  key is the Indifference, which  in  my  case  plays more  as  Laziness,   whereas  the gift and grace sides have much more pleasant  names:  flexibility and mastery.

Both  the  message  of  the  book  I  read  yesterday and  the  message  of the this key helped me understand  where the  self  imposed  limits are  in  my  life and  which  areas can  bring  lot of  joys.  Though  I’ve  always  been  aware  of  my own flexibility,  I  often felt ashamed when  expressing it.  It  might  have  been a  bit  of  culpability  or  a  steady disadvantageous comparison  with  the others. The  eternal obsession  that  I  have  to  be good  in  something unique  and  clear  made  me  feel  ashamed of  my  too many hobbies. Finally, the elucidation (  which  you  also  may  have had)  came.  ” This  is  my  goal, my job. I’m very  good  at this and all  the  rest  are just hobbies or fun ways to spend freetime.  My  greatest  shame as a  flexible  person( even  a shapeshifter) was: I’m  not  good  enough  in X, Y, Z topics, I’m rambling too  much and I don’t get stabilized in anything.  The  good and succesful people  are  those  focused on one  thing only, officially  recognized  in one  field. In order  to  be  appreciated  I  have to be as  good, even  better.  I have to constantly specialize, to be a notable figure in only one chosen field”. What  was  the  result? I followed my many passions away from the public,  choosing  to   selectively show my different sides.  Some  people  knew  me  as the aerobic  trainer, others as the  lively dance teacher or  the serious always studying  girl  that got her PhD at  the  age of  28. Many  considered  me a free  spirit  artist  working  when/as I pleased.  All  these  delimitations  that never  found  peace  on  a  common  ground made  me  tired and  diminished  my  enthusiasm in time. From  the  5  passion  gifted  person , I  became an  indifferent  spirit  floating  on her  native  talents.

This  morning   I realized  the  big  wound of the  Shapeshifter’s  shame,I feared  to show  all my skills  simultaneously, presenting myself totally.
Starting  from  this  moment I  choose  to  show  who  the  real  me  is and  not  be  embarrassed  when  answering  questions  like: ”Oh, are  you  good  in  astrology? Do  you teach courses  on  femininity  to  mature women while  you only  started womanhood and discovering life? Oh, you  work  with  children? You paint  on  water and create?

Yes, I  am  passionate  about life and I  find  joy in many  things  I treat  passionately and seriously. I  choose not  to  create  different  pages on each  field  I  am  working.  I’ll  show  myself  as  a  whole here  and  now

What I do passionately do in the direction of my mastery?

I  draw  and  paint  in  different  techniques( using ink, acrylics or  the marbling tehnique).

I  write ( I’m now working my  first  novel).

I enjoy doing astrology readings, discovering personal profiles and talking about subjects concerning  self-knowledge in  all  kinds of  systems.

I  dance  and  motivate  others  to move and get in touch with their body.

I  produce and  decorate  iron and  wood  objects. I  am  constantly launching  new  series.

I  teach creativity workshops  for  children and adults.

I  teach  courses  of  self-knowing  and femininity.

There are probably more to mention,  but I  better  stop  here  today.  From  now  on,  I  will  publicly  show my  skills which  are  not only  week-end  hobbies but  also fields  in  which  I  work  with joy and  determination. I  believe  in  the  whole-person and  hope this  article  inspires  you break  free  from  your own  shames and self imposed limitations.

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