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The Plutonian Party!

For  astrology  lovers  this  article will  be  like  a deeeeelicious, dense, flavored teaspoon of  honey. For  those  who  haven’t  yet dived  into the cryptic  astrology  language,
I  hope this can bring transparency and  moments  of ‘ oh, that’s  what it  was  about!”

It has  been  a while  since I  many facedly  looked  upon  Pluto  topic.

What is it about  Pluto? What  does  its  energy  mean? What  special 
twists and turns does  it  bring through natal chats and  couple charts? The  Pluto theme  kept tempting  me,  but I  also attracted  it until our revelatory meeting  happened.

Pluto  is the planet  that  represents: transformation, death, rebirth, sexuality, desire  of  evolution  and  change. It  is  considered  to  rule the  Scorpio sign, a  fixed  water sign, very  well -known  for  its intensity. As  on  November 28 2019, we speedily get  closer to  an  interesting  astrological occurrence, that being the New  Moon in Scorpio, I decided to  focus on the plutonian  topic  in  this  article.

I dedicate this article to all  born  in  my  generation,  brothers  and  sisters who have  Pluto in  Scorpio, exactly the home  position of this planet. Therefore, you, who are  born in the  years  between 1984-1995 … Congrats! You  are  the  lucky owners  of  this  planetary position. Moreover, if you  happen  to  have other  personal  planets  that  empower  this Pluto, congrats  again! You are genuine  Plutonians.

I also  meant  this  article  for  those who  have Pluto in  other zodiac  signs, while their  personal  planets  aspect  Pluto. You too  drew the lucky ticket to your fast  evolution…without a safety belt. Let  me  not  forget  about those  in  connection  with  the plutonians. This  article  is  also  for  you,  to help you  understand  whom  you  love  and  why.

Let’s  get  started!

The  Plutonian looks for  intensity. You  recognize  him/her after his/her keen and vivid look or the behavior, apparently hard  to  explain  in  a  rational  way. They  are unpredictable, live  in  extremes, provoke  and  like  to  be  provoked. On their  less  healthy  phases of  life  you  find  them submerged in the steam of alcohol, wrapped in the smoke of more or less dangerous cigarettes or in endless hunting of dangerous intimate  experiences.

In  their  higher stages of  life they  can  be  found attending self-knowledge courses or  enjoying  time  learning to dance tango or in music  studios or at concerts. The  Plutonian  transforms  him/herself. Thus, you  won’t  find him/her  where  you  left him/her  and not  the  same either.

The  Plutonian  is  a  creator  and  a  destroyer. He/she  is  often attracted  by  subtle  and  ingenious ways of self  destruction, but also totally capable of rejuvenation. Why   does  the  Plutonian  destroy or  even  self-destroy? What  is  he/she  looking  for, in  fact? He/she  is  looking to  connect  with the Source, the  Power, the  Origin.  Wants  to  discover  what  is  not  genuine, what is weak, stagnant, and intervenes  decisively for changing  and  evolution.

It  often  happens that  the  plutonian  has  no  idea about  his/her  inner strength and miraculous talents, deeply  hidden in  his/her backpack with resources. But, in  the  end,  when  he/she  emerges  and  shows up…what  a  Phoenix bird arises!

If your natal chart shows your personal planets (Moon, Sun, Mercury, Mars or  Venus) dancing  or  fighting  with  Pluto, that  may influence the  way you  act, work or love. A mere glance over your chart could easily clear dilemmas. One   can easily  generate  a  natal chart  by  clicking  here.

In  case  you  love  a  Plutonian, get  ready  to  experience deep  transformation, being it  smooth and  pleasant  or unexpected and  tough. Keep  in  mind  that both  the  Plutonian’s and  the  non-Plutonian’s souls enter  teaching situations for  their  evolution.   Patience, clarity and  the dialog  with  oneself (usual  and  High) can  successfully use these lessons regardless of their hardness. If you  have strength  and discernment, dear  non-Plutonians, I  recommend you to see if  the situation you  are  living is  healthy  or  unhealthy for  you  as  a  couple, and then  act with gentleness and refinement  towards a  better  understanding and  real  transformation.

Supposing  you are  two  Plutonians  in  a  relationship,  expect  all  your joys, wounds, passions and  traumas to be stirred up on fast forward.  Just  like pressing the acceleration of a powerful car.  Great, if  you  are  ready  for  such  a  race!  If  not, you  might  come  out badly  damaged. Therefore, you  can  now understand where your  joint love-hate relationships originated  from or  which relationships made the evolution of your  life  seem  on  fast  forward.

I  temporarily  sum up  this  topic which  is  another  book  being  written  in  my  mind. For  the  period  to  come  I  invite  you to  analyze the shaky and uncomfortable themes that  the Scorpio energy emerges. How  familiar  are  you  with transformation  and  evolution? Where  do  you  get  stuck? Who/what  provokes  you  most? What’s  your  opinion  on death and how  do  you  explain  rebirth? How  do  you  use  your  power and how  deeply  you  understand  your  sexuality?

So let us die (symbolically, ok ???), let us be reborn and let us live intensely, meaningfully and beautifully!

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