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She is Danieeeela…my friend!

Here, across the Ocean, so many miles away from home, I felt the need to start a series of articles that I had in my heart for a long time … and in my fingers. Well, today I begin to introduce to you, to all who read me … one by one, the dear people in my life.

I now could not be what I am without the wonderful support and love of the people who are or have been a part of my life. As a sign of gratitude for their presence in my life, I begin this series … People! I would not want to experience the regret of feeling that I have failed to express my love or gratitude to my loved ones. I choose to do this now, while alive and well!

I will start this wonderful series with a friend dear to me, a woman who is the embodiment of the energy of sensitivity and pioneering. She knows exactly why I’m writing this and she also knows what the New Moon means in a natal chart. 😉
Daniela Lechințeanu has been in my life for several years. Good and bad. :))) She is one of my dear friends that I have always felt present in my life. There is a naturalness in not remembering exactly in which year we met, but, for the sake of memory training, I will mention that it could be the year 2014 (or 2015 …) in which we met at a fair dedicated to non-formal education. No matter the year, the feeling is that we have known each other for a thousand lives.

What I can tell you about Daniela and what impressed me the most is that she knows how to be 100% present when you are emotionally going through difficult situations. After my car crash in 2016, Daniela is the friend who knew how to be by my side and ask me the most appropriate and real questions. Everyone asked me how it happened, why etc … Daniela knew that after such a moment, when you, as the victim of an accident, see death and life dancing in front of you, you don’t feel the need to tell what happened … but you feel like you can sit with yourself and realize you’re alive. Daniela was the first person who, in the week after the accident, asked me directly … how are you? It was the first time I had heard this question. The first time, after an extremely hard experience, in which a person dear to me asked me how I AM. Not what happened or why. I assure you that that dialogue was one that I will keep alive in my life as long as I can. I totally admire Daniela’s power to FEEL the other person’s reality and the power to empathize. Thank you. Now and Then!

To me, Daniela is the person of the present. I learned from you, my dear, what it means to live in the now. I have always admired your way of keeping in touch with people, the audacity with which you easily befriended new people and your ability to be present. Great lesson for me … to know how to be here and now. I learned a lot from you, but especially this extremely vivid aspect. I admire you for your ability to reinvent yourself and for your openness to live honestly in a world full of fear and hiding. I have always felt real communication with you and I am glad that I was true in what I experienced.

Daniela and I experienced “divorce” and reconciliation. After a few years in which we held workshops together, there was a stormy period in which both of us showed our shadows and … obviously … there was a break, a distance. I don’t think we talked for a year, a year in which strong wounds needed healing. But we have realized that, beyond the shadows we have shown each other, we respect and support each other. We have returned to each other connecting more gently, mature and authentic, and now, although thousands of miles away, the warmth with which I feel to feed this friendship is as alive as at home or as if there is no time or distance. Thank you for being, I am delighted to have met and enjoy our journey together. A lot of light and total support send you on your way to healing creativity and may the mandalas we draw with you or the processions guided by you bring us and bring you joy, health and prosperity!
I embrace you and I embrace you too all, my dear readers.

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