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A topic fascinates me and today I decided that it is the moment to be written and shared with you. I attend all kind of courses, I also organize courses and I noticed some things this year. One of the most important changes I choose to write about today is that … MEN are more and more active and present in the mysterious world of intuitive knowledge. Courses or topics of discussion that seemed predominantly feminine or dedicated to women … are becoming of interest to men as well. I felt like writing this article now because I want to make it clear that we are going through a period of many CHANGES (as we well know and feel) and this intuitive and profound awakening of wise masculinity comes FAST! I say that it would be good to open our eyes, so we can integrate this change beautifully, if we accept it and become aware of it. Last week, in a very nice group I am active in, related to the study of astrology, keys and the wonderful world of knowledge, this topic opened … we leave the group strictly for female interaction or we also allow access to men. So interesting were the answers, both spoken and unspoken. So, I felt like writing and expressing my vision here on this dance between feminine and masculine energy.

Well, as you know, I have been working as an astrologer for about 3 years and for about 1 year I have started to address to those who want to learn astrology, organizing meetings and courses, not only 1 to 1 sessions. I must tell you that the last year, especially the last half year has brought incredible awareness to me. I mostly addressed to women, because I knew them as passionate about astrology and the esoteric world. Not rarely did men came to my classes and not rarely I had sessions reading their natal charts. Yes, men want to know these things too … and they are interested in the subtle side of things. A few years ago, my couple chart analysis sessions went like this … the female part of the couple sent me their birth dates, sent me her and his birth dates and asked me to work on their common chart and analyze the astrological dynamics between them. Not infrequently, my clients didn’t know their partner’s time of birth and couldn’t find out because he didn’t believe in “this stuff”. And I was working with her on a session dedicated to them … and her and him. This year, not only did the partners find out the time of birth much easier, they even came to the session dedicated to the couple. And they were not stubborn and skeptical, but they interacted very interestingly. The cherry on top was the course I recently organized with my friend, Liana … a course designed to explore the energy of the Priestess … a deep, mystical subject and … as the name says … feminine. I am surprised by questions about participation from men. We had male presence at the course and I guarantee you that everything went wonderfully.

Going back to the discussion topic opened in the group I mentioned at the beginning, it was interesting for me to find out how much inner (and a little outer) agitation the launch of this topic produced … we let men participate in groups or topics that seemed to be exclusively feminine? Take a deep breath and try to feel what response travels through you … YES? NOT? I DO NOT KNOW? I’m really curious to know your answer, until you read my view on it in the lines below.

Being in a new relationship, started shortly after a great emotional roller-coaster, I learn so much about the dynamics between male and female. My life has pushed me towards a healthy restart and I am now exploring a new world as if (and yes, it is totally new, I am on another continent where our European pickiness is seen as a false elite like behavior that has no meaning and practicality), a world in which the masculine no longer it is that image of something scary that does not understand our sensitive side.

A new type of masculinity is being expressed and shaped now, and we women would do well to see these changes. Let’s look with clarity, gentleness and curiosity. We have always wanted to be loved, appreciated, accepted and I think we have given too little time to naturally guide the fiery energy of the masculine part. They seemed like the bad guys who keep torturing us and don’t understand our sensitive side … but … how good were we at guiding them to know us… our mystical world, the mysteries of the feminine. The woman is often associated with mystery, the man with clarity. But this doesn’t mean these term belong to just one genre. Not at all. We are curious about the rational and more competitive side of the masculine and they are curious about intuitive exploration too. Do we know each other and use our guiding qualities? How? How do we use our intuition, knowledge, charm, sensuality, gentleness, power to guide?

Let’s take a trivial example, which I just “experienced” last week. Have we ever guided the men in our lives through the experience of our menstruation? And not when we scream like a panther ready to attack that we want something sweet or we have a crying crisis at a syrupy movie because our hormones are roller-coasting and we crave everything. Did we ever calmly explain what we were going through? Have we invited them into our world in that turbulent or sensitive period of the month? I don’t know how you feel then, but for me my boyfriend’s palms held protectively on the ovaries or nesting in his arms work better than any pill. And the light on his face when he also realizes his role in this story of nervous days and the wonderful effect that his presence has … pure alchemy!

I strongly believe that the world is going through big changes. Whole generations have had to fight for equal rights, for the liberation of women from unpleasant patterns, so that we can all evolve and be able to cultivate our feminine energy in complete freedom. I think they still have a long way to go for making space for freedom in our genes … fear, mistrust, difficulty opening up can still be found, even if we bravely walk towards merging consciously and vertically into healthy partnerships. We still walk as if feeling unsafe (and they are just as insecure!). And anything new triggers such complex states in us … as if we want the new, as if we don’t want it, as if we love it, as if we don’t like it. What we are building now is an act of courage and will bear fruit over time. I don’t think it’s time to hide from the masculine or wake up separately. They are also here, on the road of knowledge, with us. We have to learn from them, they have to learn from us. We want to have an optimal dialogue and everything to go smoothly, but we run and hide when the hard work has to be done. If we choose endlessly to separate, to read texts written too many years ago (I’m not saying that some teachings have lost their extraordinary value … they do have value even now! … but we also need the fine connection between past and present knowledge), I think that we are only repeating what we already know and heard. What would it be like to have the courage to live in the new world, in the present world, using from the past and from wise experiences what can help us in guiding us to a higher goal?

What if we learned from men and let them learn from us? With openness and curiosity. They do not have to become us, nor do we have to become them to learn and complement each other. Each can be king or queen in the totality of his own energy, but having the openness to give the other access to a new world. Each of us is a whole world … we women, and you men. I think it’s time to really get to know each other. I’m not saying it’s the case of destroying any mystery … the mystery has its charm. But the mystery will always be present in the dynamics between feminine and masculine. Even when we think we know everything, baaam, there are still surprises.

Let’s make the changes together and learn new ways of relating. The masculine energy is not only the sexual and conquering one, it can also be an energy that brings structure and protection to the feminine. And feminine energy is not only the mysterious, hidden and eternally capricious one, it can also be a tender, warm, patient energy.

Thank you to all of you who make alchemy possible in such challenging times. Thank you for the bridge you make between the masculine and feminine, finding new ways of collaboration, be it in romantic partnerships or in work or in friendships. To you brave women who have opened and paved the way for a better future, to you men who live your strength and integrity. Thank you to us all! To all those who work for the common good, not for continuous separation. We all want to be loved, appreciated, healthy and aligned with the purpose of life. Regardless of gender. 🙂

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