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Sun, Earth and Moon

Let’s start together the journey into the world of planets. Imagine, while reading or listening to the series dedicated to planets that you are in an super cool spaceship roaming around through the Universe. Yuhuuuuu!

Usually, when we answer someone that question’s “What sign are you?”, we reveal to them the sign in which the Sun is placed on our natal chart. And many times we are surprised to read that a certain description about Gemini or Leo that does not seem to fit in any way with our nature, but we wonder how accurate the description of Sagittarius describes us. Well … astrology is wonderful and fascinating and I invite you to discover the other planets in your chart, you will see how diverse the energy we have in our natal chart is and how limiting it is to look only at the Sun or the ascendant.

Today I will write about the meaning of the the Sun, Earth and Moon in astrology, with some references to Human Design and Gene Keys.

The bright Sun represents (in astrology) the vitality, the self, the ego, the vital energy, the essence of creativity, the well-being, the father or the parent with a dominant role, the way we allow ourselves to be seen. Great, beautiful and radiant Sun! Often associated with work, with the pleasure of working and actively contributing to the world, in the Gene Keys the Sun is called the Life Work and is associated with the idea of ​​DOING, of bringing inner light to the surface, in our actions. daily. The surprise I keep for when we meet in the online class is that … we have two Suns and that with the second one you might resonate even stronger. This second Sun it is called Radiance in Gene Keys teaching.

Earth, too rarely mentioned in astrology (unfortunately) plays a vital role. It is the headquarters of our roots, the place where we feed ourselves energetically at a deep level so that we can manifest our ongoing vitality and evolve. It represents the regeneration capacities, the receptivity, the power to integrate and bring results to light. Just imagine planting seeds in the soil and how spectacular is the force with which the plants that were planted come to life and into the light. But I invite you to contemplate the energy of planet Earth also remembering how the animals that feel the end of their energy is approaching are lying flat on the cool surface of the ground. The place of life and the place of death, natural cycles, seasons, the naturalness of any experiences and the principle of returning. To find out where the Earth is placed on your chart, it is sufficient to know where your Sun is … because the Earth is always in perfect opposition to the Sun. Below you can see an image showing the astrological oppositions. For example, if the Sun is placed in Cancer, Earth will be placed in Capricorn.

The Moon, ah … the wonderful and mysterious Moon. An energy so refined and complex, the Moon is seen in astrology as the place of emotions, feelings, sensitivity and represents connection with the mother or the caring parent. The Moon is much related to the plane of fantasies, our romantic nature and the deep world of instinctive responses. Vedic astrology sees the placement of this satellite (treated as a planet in astrology), as the most important of the entire natal chart, in their view the sign of the Moon being equal in importance to the European way in which astrology perceives the Sun. And, from my experience as an astrologer, I tend to give justice to the Vedic … countless times the story of the Moon tells very intimate and fine details about the individual motivations. In the Vedic vision, the Moon is connected with the mind, but not in its rational, mercurial sense, but in the subtle way, in the connection between what we think and how that becomes in fact what we we want and get…a kind of “take care of what you wish for, as you might get it. ”

Until the next article, I invite you to contemplate these planets. If you do not know where they are placed on your map, I wait for your message and I’ll calculate them as quickly as possible.

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