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Today I’m going to share with you about my cat, Milo. About how he came into my life and how he taught me so many things. And before I get into the topic, I send a big smile shaped as a hug to all those who have pets and who know how this terrible and fascinating story of unconditional love manifests itself.

Three years ago, on March 22nd, in my life appeared a being who, as discreet as he was and is, carried so much love that he really knows how to offer. I was still living in Bucharest at that time and I remember that it was a fine spring day, sunny and relaxing. As I like to move, as soon as I got home from work, I went for a roller-blade ride. All good and beautiful, air, nature, park, walk, music in headphones. I returned home, talking on the phone with my friend Ruxi … and, a few seconds after unlocking the door and entering the apartment, I see a big, black, bell-necked cat coming from the living room. I tell Ruxandra, “A black cat is coming toward me.” I immediately hear my friend’s funny question “Is this cat real or imaginary? Do you really see it or is it in your mind?” (my friends joke with me on these topics, as a sweet way to make fun when I’m talking about too esoteric topics). “Come on, don’t make fun of me. It’s alive, big and black …. If I tell you … look, it’s still spinning abound my feet, wait, I’ll send you a picture.” There was I, being totally amazed … in my apartment, on the 1st floor, there was now an extremely loving girl who seemed to know since forever. I pet the cat and start to see what windows I have left open and where came from. All the windows in the apartment closed … the cat was too big enough to have gone in unseen when I got out the apartment …. but let’s not get too tired to understand how he came in, the mystery is not cleared even after 3 years, but , to calm our minds, let’s say that he came in when I went out.

Okay, here is the second stage of the evening … the cat still seemed very loving, as I sit on the sofa, he jumps in his lap. I stayed for a few minutes, still amazed and soon heard the doorbell. I take the cat in my arms, and I go to open the door, being sure that it is the real owner of the cat at the door. Opening the door, the neighbor from the ground floor asks me calmly something about a key and compliments my cat. I tell him it’s not mine, that I found it unexpectedly in the apartment. He looks weirdly at me, but he seems to want to help me find the owner of the cat. An hour after that we are still knocking on all the doors, asking if a black cat has been lost … nothing … nobody knows anything, nobody lots any cat. I go back in the house, the cat is still with me, in great need for loving. I say ok, until we find the real owner, let me host you a little. It is almost midnight and the neighbors come to my door, bringing me food for cats and sand for the litterbox and congratulate me on having such a nice pet. Hmmmm, strange evening!

Stage three, the days that followed, were a dance between whether I should keep the cat or not … I took a photo of the cat, I had printed the poster letting neighbors know about the lost cat, I had knocked on all the doors near my apartment, nothing … I call Liana, my friend and ask her to help me focus and to realize if this cat really is, from now on, my pet. After going through the fear of losing my freedom of movement, the obsession that an animal keeps you locked at home and other blahs, blahs, as soon as I calm down, the cat jumps into my arms and, totally melting on me, makes me realize that this is it … from now on I have a cat.

And here we are, since Milo appeared, it’s been three years. But it’ seems he was always with me. I remember telling Ioana how I kept disinfecting everything (I disinfected, at first … as I still had in mind the separation between my space and the space dedicated to the animal … ha!) and how she was laughing telling me soon my mania would pass, in a few weeks. And I believed her, she also has furry wonders. I remember what a terrible allergy I had at the cat’s fur and how after a few minutes of contact, I sneezed half a day … the first week with Milo I had a runny nose, the second week less and so on … and now no trace of any allergy. Hmmm …. curious, right?

I have learned, during these 3 years, the incredible love that animals bring in our lives and Milo is a fantastic companion in all my processes. He is there when I prepare oils and open the aromatherapy box, he is there when I take online courses, he is there when I read, when I sleep, when I wake up. He sleeps with me, he communicates every day, he offers the same love to all the family members, he stays with each of us, one at a time, and he has amazing gestures of tenderness. He does not like to feel tension in the house, he is upset if we raise the voice at each other when talking, he forces us to learn to take breaks and to sit and relax. Having a cat, I understood the need of all the beings for tenderness, care, good food and clean water, how good we feel when they, and us – are healthy, how much of your soul and space (ooooo, yes) such a furry being conquers.

Thank you, dear Milo, for appearing in my life !