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The different Beauty Styles of Venus

Today I will write about Venus in different astrological signs and why knowing where our Venus is located in the chart is important in the journey of love and self-love. I already wrote about the meaning of this planet in an article here, so today I will go further and explore the signs and elements that can activate Venus in a chart.

So, let’s begin. There are 4 main elements astrology works with: Fire, Air, Water and Earth. The 5th Element – Ether and Space is not a concept astrology works with usually, but it is relevant as the 5th element is the one blending all the wisdom of all. We can imagine Ether as being activated when we understood and transformed and evolved the alchemical parts of our charts and our being. I will go through the story of Venus in each of the element, mentioning which are the signs activated by that element and what that means.

When looking at Venus, we can explore the topic in sooo many ways. It can be related to morality, to love, to self-love, to values of the heart etc. Today we will explore the connection between expressing our inner and outer beauty, finding our style and the right type of love for us. My article is addressed mainly for women, as owning and showing there Venus is very relevant in finding the right type of partner, but, of course, Venus is relevant in a man’s chart too, showing the type of woman will ignite his heart. Before exploring forward, I insist on the importance of knowing all your planetary placements, they all give a different nuance to understanding the chart, and, whenever we talk about Venus, we also look at Mars…and dare I say Lilith too…article on that coming soon.

Let’s start with the Fire signs ( Aries, Leo, Sagittarius). Venus in a Fire signs is a lot about passion, colors, expressing happiness and being full of life. These placements are daring, bold, always looking for the new and exciting day ahead. They like to dress in bright or intense colors, they have a very lively style and many times are role models for other women. Venus in Aries woman is a pioneer, a rebel and a blend between masculine and feminine. Venus in Leo is a creative force, they like to shine and it is impossible not to like them, as they impact you in such a colorful way. Venus in Sagittarius combines passion and aliveness with being wise and into intellectual subjects, their style might look more teacher like, explorer like etc. On short, Venus in Fire signs are the group characterized by BOLDNESS, CRAZY COLORS and TASTE FOR ADVENTURE.

Going from the ardent Fire to the sensual Earth signs ( Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) we step into the world of senses and material possessions. Here love is about feeling good in the body, having the senses ignited and being surrounded by beauty and material comfort. They like to dress and own good quality clothes and expensive and beautiful jewelry, they like natural fabrics and respect their body and are attracted to partners that take good care of their body and health. Venus in Taurus woman is a natural beauty, she is a charming natural and relaxed presence and a very devoted partner, once she decides to fully be involved. Venus in Virgo is a very complex femininity, usually hidden behind a minimalist way of dressing or flirting…but, a sensual Earth sign still loves what is related to the senses, so dare to dig deeper and find the spectacular resources here. In Capricorn Venus might seem distant or cold at first, but in time this woman will show her passionate and profound femininity, a mature and serious approach related to beauty and style. I would characterize this group by the following: QUALITY GOODS AND LOVE FOR POSSESSIONS, SENSUALITY, CONNECTION TO THE BODY.

From the intense Earth we go to the playful Air signs ( Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) and right at the beginning we can see the smile these women always wear, as the best make-up possible. Here we have the free spirit woman, the one that likes to play, that is unconventional and likes mind games. The style of these women is many times androgynous, they like mixing styles, they are curious and have a very unique way of dressing and loving. In Gemini, Venus is witty and always giggling, like the energy of the Maiden, making steps to being the grown up woman. It is a fresh energy, a young and restless energy that looks for a mentor type of guy to make them evolve. Venus in Libra is a living goddess, it is the place where Venus feels best. You have the mix between classic elegant style and new trends that make women feel better in their own skin. It is a very sensual and artistic Venus placement, highly attuned to what beauty means. And the funky and wild Venus in Aquarius is a rebel! We have an eclectic and spectacular way of expressing femininity and style, a lot of unique vision and interest in the new. Here it is a lot of interest in the bold and strange styles of merging the inner self with the outer new innovations. The main words to describe this group can be: CURIOSITY, UNIQUE AND ECCENTRIC STYLE, ANDROGYNY.

Last stop in the Venus journey is marked by exploring the Water signs ( Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces). Oh, here Venus goes deeeeep into the mysterious watery side. Land of emotion and sensitivity, this group is a lot about feelings and expressing what they feel and how they feel through their unique style. Venus in Cancer may have a very feminine way of presenting their beauty, they like their home to be a sanctuary of comfort and they like comforting the self and the other. In Scorpio Venus had that typical Plutionan intensity, they may have a daring and alluring style, exuding a lot of sex-appeal ( much like Venus in Taurus and Libra, but with a more magnetic touch). For the ones that are into crystals, I like to associate this Venus with the Hematite, it has something gorgeously mysterious. In Pisces Venus is such a charmer and a fairy. We can see here a very feminine and imaginative style, a kind of romantic and poetic version of the out of this world Aquarian Venus. I would synthesize the super power of this group by these words: EMOTIONAL CONNECTION, SEDUCTIVENESS, FASCINATION.

I find that owning the power of our Venusian activation in the chart is very important in expressing our inner and outer beauty and better understanding our style and the type of partnership may make our feminine side bloom.

Dare to explore your Venus Beauty and, if you feel like learning more and sharing your story with other beautiful women, join us this week-end at the event posted here.