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Let’s extract the SIMPLICITY from Complexity

Many of you know that for several years (5-6) I have been studying all the possible and impossible parts of the Gene Keys. Although I speak very lightly about what I discover there to those close to me, it was very difficult for me to start writing about this teaching. Maybe now I justify, to some extent, my lack of involvement in blogging. This post will have a double role – for those who are passionate about the Gene Keys it will offer my perspective on the key 23, for those who are not (yet) in contact with the keys, it will present the way I see simplicity. In my Natal Chart on on the ascendant I have the planet Mercury, activated by the key 23, line 3. About Mercury I will detail in another article, now I will briefly mention that Mercury deals with what communication means, be it at a more subtle level or not, travel, progress, perception and intellect. Mercury / Hermes, is known as the messenger of the gods and has an energy that “does not stand still”.

Moving on to key 23 and line 3 … Line 3 is the one that presents the theme of joy, lightness and flexibility … but also of shame. The shame of expressing oneself, of experiencing, the fear of being judged, of being compared, etc. I don’t have this line many times in my profile, but I have it in extremely relevant areas, so the wound of shame, in its various forms, is very familiar to me. What does the key 23 (coincidentally the date of my birth) do? The key 23 shows the path from complexity to simplicity and quintessence. Oh … and how, but how … these words resonate in my mind. Complexity is one of the shadows that I often fall into. Quick reactions that lead to decisions that complicate our lives we all take … daily. From buying too much, eating too much or spending too much … there are countless examples. What do we do by buying and spending a lot? Nothing at all. The expense leads to consumption and later to the obsession of throwing away. In short, complexity and too much, whatever that too much is, lead us to anxiety, to agitation, not to enjoy and live the present. Too much, whether we are talking about food, clothes, information or attention, creates an imbalance. What does this imbalance do to us in the long run? It takes us away from who we really are, it takes us away so tactfully and skillfully from our selves that we completely forget about ourselves.

Sooooo, the unpleasant part is clear, right? Any good part in it? Well, yes, it is. The solution to the bewilderment produced by the chaos of complexity is SIMPLICITY! I have always made an association contemplating the theme of simplicity … that between life and death. When I read about Taoism I remember that one of the ideas marked me deeply, an idea that said that the purpose of life is to prepare you to die beautiful. It may seem weird (oh, yes, the key 23 is part of the ring of Life and Death), but the statement contains a lot of truth. Why? Because living a quality life also means preparing for a beautiful death. In a society where the typical phrase of young people is “well, it doesn’t matter … let me enjoy life now, we live crazy times anyway so I won’t catch my grandparents’ age … if I live 60 it’s great!” or in society where death comes after illness, from accidents or suffering, the thought of a smooth and natural transition seems to be the domain of SF. Okay, but let’s get back to life and simplicity. For me, simplicity means the lucidity to leave yourself in the joy of living a quality life. Simplicity means understanding what you do with your time, what you do during breaks when you don’t “do” anything, it means using your resources and not accumulating what is unnecessary. Simplicity leads to serenity, leads to that relaxed forehead and that clean and natural smile. Simplicity is trust … in oneself, in life, in others. In the audio version of the key (you can find all 64 keys here) are presented two topics on which I invite you to contemplate a little … the theme of time and space. About space it is very interesting to mention that he can be our ally in making the right decisions for us … leaving pauses between actions, allowing space to “grow” around our decisions can make us make more consistent decisions, more consistent with our self. And time and rhythm … to overcome the deafness typical of this key couple, 23-43 (programming partner and bridging in channel), and to listen to our inner rhythm, to allow ourselves to be in tune with our inner nature … and to think about type of nature for some time.

Design the Life you want for yourself!
Be thoughtful!
Create a HANDMADE life!

Richard Rudd

Needless to say, what a marvel of learning is coming on the “wave” of the Gene Keys. I have come to perceive the Keys as more elaborate koans and I invite you to step, with determination, to contemplate them. They will bring you, in time, a lot of clarity and knowledge. Because the grace of this wonderful key 23 is QUINTESSENCE, I will end my text today with what, for me, means the essence of the evolutionary path from complexity to simplicity (+ an example of visual simplicity is the painting below, done by Malevich). I think that giving us the peace, space and time to hear the inner “song” leads us, without turning, to a simpler life. We must arm ourselves with great courage to face our fears, because behind the complexity we are surrounded by in this century … we are full of fears. I remember going shopping like a robot last years, after having my PhD thesis. It was so deeply rooted in me the belief that after a lot of effort I deserve a reward … pffff … and every time we do that in everyday situations … every time we keep rewarding ourselves … with a cookie, with a dress, a book, a perfume … all to fill inner emptiness and dissatisfaction. Why don’t we understand that the reward is a truly prosperous life … that clean air, good people, healthy food, natural fabrics that caress our body, wise knowledge, love, harmonious communication … are the true criteria of quality life …

For me, the message of this key is to use what I have, to have the courage to say NO when I feel that offers or invitations are not ok for me, to listen to myself and live the right life for me. I’m going through a difficult process of “general detoxification” … from sorting clothes, to deciding what foods feed me and how I like to spend my time. The realization that I was filled with things that didn’t really represent me was very hard and made me realize that I couldn’t see my personal style anymore and I couldn’t even hear my “inner song” because everything had become too complicated. And on top of that … I made so many sacrifices to accumulate these useless things. To buy all these things that now bother me I needed money for which I worked hard. I missed wonderful sunrises or sunsets because I worked, or I was absent at moments relevant to loved ones because I worked. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against work, I even appreciate it and I will continue to work, I have what I have against stupid work, without pleasure, from a lazy masochism whose sole purpose is to earn money to we can quickly break on things that falsely-dress our wounds. So what I will apply to keep my cleanliness and simplicity … in mind, body, soul, home, life … I warmly recommend you too . Ask yourself, before you act or make important decisions … “If I take this step, will my life get complicated or will it be simple and have quality?” You can apply this question in any context, whether it’s shopping, relationships or the right food.

I wish you a long, beautiful, SIMPLE and good life!

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