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Today is it… Closed or Open?

As I wrote in the previous article dedicated to key 12, the key I chose to represent in the wonderful initiative Unlock Your Design, today I will present my own story, as an “owner” of this activation in the sphere of EQ / planet Mars. I spent some time analyzing my profile of Gene Keys and Human Design and I decided that this is one of the activations that tells a good part of my life story. I chose to open up to you today and tell you more about this key and about me. You can read about the general info related to this Gene Key here, now I will detail more my own vision on the story.

Contemplating the image that comes to my mind when I let this key convey its message through me, I visualized that sign placed on a store door … closed or open. This is how the emanation of this key is for me. You never know the condition of the gene key holder and if you will find them open, sociable, welcoming … like a store full of new merchandise with smiling and kind sellers, or find them closed and you grab, if the shutters are not pulled, a look out the window to see what you can find inside. And you plan to come back the next day or week and, again, you don’t know if it is open or if you see the closed sign on the door. So it is with the “owners” of the key 12. I admit this story is so true for me … yes we offer access, and sometimes not, yes we are warm and open, yet precious or unapproachable. What do you think is behind this whimsical behavior?

Romance! Gate 12 is a romantic gate and so are those who have it in their profile. They love love and refined seduction (let’s not forget that it is in the sign of Gemini, very skilled in building unforgettable stories). We open up as much as we think is necessary to know the other and discover him, but we quickly withdraw, to make room for fine seduction. And here we have the first hop … we live in times when no one has the mood and time for fine seductions, for poetry and romance. For many who do not have the key 12 or 22, this whimsical romance seems like a black hole in which it is not worth investing so much patience … and many give up singing or writing poems (I mean the metaphorical way .. .and not only). We live in times of efficiency, times in which the romantic 12 also adapts, often falling into the shadow of elitism or closure. If you, or your loved ones have this gate in profile, do not forget an important element …. you have a BIG heart, one that is loving love.

I am writing this article to be the voice (in the form of written words now) of those who believe in love and beauty. I am glad that we exist and that we discover ourselves and that we dare to show ourselves. For some of us, the refinement of the words, the tenderness of the flowers and the holding of hands still matter. Love is the secret of true power and the key 12 people have a very fine nose in detecting what is authentic and what is not. Including in love, art, food, nature, music. We like the play of love, fine seduction, but we are very selective when it comes to being completely open. You can ask key 12 holders (sometimes even those with 22) how they see love and if they believe in THE ONE (very interesting to explore and what this one means … you may be surprised, not what you suspect) . Most of us feel that there is someone who has the right key to fully unlock and understand our pure heart. It will be very difficult to show all our colors, although maybe others perceive them anyway, if we do not feel the authenticity and purity. And we will test, we will have patience to see the true intentions of the other, we will take you to secret worlds only to see if you also believe and see the purity.

For romantics, love is like a refined food, that elixir of eternal life that we talked about in the last article. If fed the right food, the romantic has amazing creative power. Let’s not forget that this gate is in the center of the throat and that it is a Gate of Manifestation. Like the second chakra and its associated energy, the center of the throat is an alchemical center and a center of transition and refinement. Many creations are born here, as I said, it is a gate of Secrets, and the center of the throat is like a custom place between body and head, between earthly and divine. Just like the store that has the sign closed, so is the alchemical room of the one with the Gene Key 12. From time to time we close, we need to discern whether the “food” and love received is the one that can give fuel to something with transformative potential or not. And many do not have the patience to wait for us or do not want to feel the harsh eye that discerns … and consider us complicated, capricious, uninvolved, cold, unstable, secretive or whatever. And yes, we are all listed. I, at least, really am. Beyond this border space, this custom area, this place where you keep receiving the close / open message, there is a special world. I will present you aspects of it, in our characteristic style, drop by drop. 🙂 (I seem to sense the comments … ooo, you’re still in the shadows, you don’t open up completely, you give us access to feelings bit by bit, you’re not evolved enough and open spiritually … blah, blah, blah … I’ve heard hundreds times that!)

See the Truth, speak the Truth

As I mentioned, the alchemical center of the throat can be seen as a creative hub … things are born here, as they are born from/in the sexual center. Here we are dealing with a different kind of sexual center. The romantic seeks love because he knows that the fire burning in his heart sets in motion a huge creative process. Here is the place where the art of the word is born, the art of refined love, the art of connection with the world of the higher chakras. The romantic knows why he is selective … he has an important role in creating pure art, in communicating the pure truth and is responsible for this customs area between body and spirit. Even if he wants to, he cannot give access without discerning, because what he creates he knows does not belong to him, but that he is a channel of communication, a channel through which ideas are communicated. Gate 12 is also called the Prophet (12.4 and 41.4), and if you look at the meaning of the term you will see how important inner purity is for such a person. The Prophet is the one who transmits the word of Divinity, he is the Messenger. The Prophet needs fine tuning to the senses to receive the messages, to discern what the true message is, and he needs to remain pure in order to convey an undistorted message. Often the power of creation is very important here, as a mission on Earth and often that selectivity in choosing the right partner is given to know that we need someone who understands our oddities and to know who ignites the right spark through refinement. and discernment. And then it is no longer about the one as the final destination, but about having the right person by our side to live our higher mission … with the one to live the connection with the divinity (the true one) and purity.

You, dear brothers and sisters having the 12th activation, how do you perceive the creative power and how important is romance in your life? See you soon!