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Let’s travel on Mercury, Venus and Mars

Today we continue our planetary journey that started last week and land on Mercury, Venus and Mars. Ready to explore?

Mercury the playful, Mercury the wise? Hard to label the restless energy of this planetary archetype. The fascinating planet Mercury is the governor of the mind, of the nervous system and … surprisingly of the digestive one too, more precisely of the enteric nervous system. So, the next time you think about the brain, remember that you have two minds, one in the head and one in the stomach. Here, I gave you a new idea for “chew on”. 🙂

Symbolically represented as the winged Messenger of the Gods, Mercury is associated with Hermes and Apollo. In astrology, Mercury represents all that pertains to the intellect and communication (writing, speaking, the wide world of the Internet). It is also connected with the movement (especially the movement associated with sending messages or finding new information) and trade. Its symbol is the Caduceus, which represents two snakes intertwined on a winged scepter. Communication, music and words “flowing” through the mercurial energy have the role of expanding human consciousness and knowledge, in order to produce transmutation and travel between different worlds. I use the term flow because the element of Mercury is also called water silver, a powerful alchemical symbol that we will detail in the course on planetary astrology.

From one planet we jump to the other. Here we are on Venus. Venus Full of controversy Venus, as you will see that her energy is not exactly as gentle as one might think. Associated in astrology with art, love, sensuality, this luminous planet had other meanings before the beautifying procedures the Romans did. Associated with Friday, a day with a hard and heavy energy, the radiant Venus also has its dark side. It is said that those born on a Friday do not have very easy lives, as Christians associate this day with the crucifixion of Jesus. But, there is also the Mayan vision of the story, which calls Venus the Star of execution or the Eye (with the keen focus on natural laws) and which says that the energy of Venus is associated with the idea of ​​morality (and harsh bloody rituals), of the relationship between personal values ​​and correctness this have, the need for relationships and the quality of the relationships we have. So, when we think about beauty now … it seems like it comes to mind and that external beauty must have a correspondent in inner beauty, right?

If we already mentioned the darker side of the story, let’s now stop on Mars. The dynamic warrior! In astrology it is related energy … and we can write ENERGY! Mars talks about action, dynamism, attraction, sexuality, instinct, the warrior spirit. It is the main source of our energetic responses and it is what motivates us to get out of bed and start our day. It is a type of dynamism that requires refinement and which, if we listen carefully to our inner guidance, matures beautifully, producing less and less reckless warrior outbursts. Mars is also the expression of the will through activity, it is our vitality, the love for movement and dynamic expression. And yes, Mars also talks about sexuality and details what our behavior in intimate and sexual relationships is (of course, we also look at the Moon, that can also tell us a lot about it).

Until the next trip in space, we park our rocket in the imaginary garage. Till Have a nice time contemplating!

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