The Love for Holy Work

Today I am writing about the Gene Key / Gate 40. One of the ones active in my profile and one that brought so many moments of pausing and contemplation for me. Hope it will be a useful reading for you all having it active in your profile or for you that have dear ones […]

So, are we waking up?

I usually write about planetary activations or about gates and keys that I have in my profile, because it is easier for me to describe the essence of the experiences I went through. Here comes the day when I write about a key / gate that I don’t have in my personal profile, but whose […]

The Moon (conscious and subconscious) in the Zodiac Signs

The fascinating Moon … let’s step today into the mysterious world of emotions and explore the powerful engine behind our actions … The Moon! We will explore both the Moon in the Astrological chart and the one that appears in the profile of the Gene Keys as the sphere of Attraction. In Human Design, a […]

Today is it… Closed or Open?

As I wrote in the previous article dedicated to key 12, the key I chose to represent in the wonderful initiative Unlock Your Design, today I will present my own story, as an “owner” of this activation in the sphere of EQ / planet Mars. I spent some time analyzing my profile of Gene Keys […]

12 – The Impactful, Romantic and full of Secrets Prophet

The time has come to write an article about a wonderful energy, that of the Key / Gate 12, one of the most fascinating and mysterious topics that self-knowledge and self-developement enthusiasts work with. I invite you to the fascinating world of this Gemini imprint. 🙂 This will be a topic to which I will […]

Shine on, You Rebel Diamond!

On the last day when the Sun activates key / gate 8, I decided to write this article detailing the impact it has and has had on my life. The key or gate 8 is associated with the Style, not only the one we express externally, but also the inner one. One of the gates […]

InDependence of Silence

Hello dear brave explorers. Today we are diving in the realms opened by a beautiful Gene Key / Gate, the ones that is now activated by the Sun’s position. So, let’s go on “route” 24! This is one of the keys that is active in my personal hologenetic profile ( if you don’t know about […]