14 – The Alchemical Locomotive

It was a very intense autumn this year! Especially because 2020 was so unpredictable and invited us, moment by moment, to connect to the important and intimate themes of reality. We end the astrological activation of Scorpio’s energy, and today’s article is dedicated to exploring the key / gate 14, the last key activated by […]

100% – The Boldness and the Risk of Being Total … (praise for Key 28)

From the moment Scorpio’s energy entered the planetary activations, I felt things to be shared with the world awakened in me. Here I am, starting with a post dedicated to the gene key / gate 28 … and the initial energy of the zodiac sign of Scorpio. For me, the Scorpio sign stays well hidden […]

We. All. The New All of Us!

A topic fascinates me and today I decided that it is the moment to be written and shared with you. I attend all kind of courses, I also organize courses and I noticed some things this year. One of the most important changes I choose to write about today is that … MEN are more […]

She is Danieeeela…my friend!

Here, across the Ocean, so many miles away from home, I felt the need to start a series of articles that I had in my heart for a long time … and in my fingers. Well, today I begin to introduce to you, to all who read me … one by one, the dear people […]

The Moon (conscious and subconscious) in the Zodiac Signs

The fascinating Moon … let’s step today into the mysterious world of emotions and explore the powerful engine behind our actions … The Moon! We will explore both the Moon in the Astrological chart and the one that appears in the profile of the Gene Keys as the sphere of Attraction. In Human Design, a […]

Retrograde Planets

Today’s article is especially dedicated to my clients and astrology students, but I hope it will be useful for other astrology lovers for whom this topic is important. I often get the question about the significance of retrograde planets, so I hope this article brings some clarity. I will divide the article into two sections […]

Roaaar! Here we are, on Mars!

If last week we explored the various manifestations of love and beauty in the Venusian world, today let’s take a brave step into the world of Mars. The fascinating Mars, a symbol of masculine energy, war and aggression, has a special role in astrology and is analyzed by astrologers both in the dynamics of the […]

The Moon Phases and the Archetypes they activate in the Natal Chart

As you may already know, I have a fascination for the Moon and like to understand it deeply in the charts of the clients I am working with. Not only the sign, house and aspects with other planets are important, but also the Moon Phase that was active at the time of your birth. Each […]

I Woman, You Woman, We Women

Maybe you got used to me writing nice and informative articles that bring happiness, smile and knowledge. Well, today I don’t know how many smiles my article will bring … but it felt the right time to write it. Today’s theme is related to femininity … to hurt, repressed, misunderstood femininity. I hope that the […]