When the personal challenge puts you on the Path

When the personal challenge puts you on the Path Well … I’m pulling a DEEP breath and I’m writing an article for you today on a subject I never imagined I’d have the courage to make public. I feel liberation and fear at the same time, I know it will bring oh nooo and oh […]

The New Leader – 31 – BEING what you say you ARE!

Today I am writing about one of the topics of self-knowledge with a strong transformative role in my life. I will combine the presentation of the personal path into the world of self-knowledge with the incredible wisdom transmitted by the key 31. About 6 years ago I received a phone call from my friend Adriana, […]

Today is it… Closed or Open?

As I wrote in the previous article dedicated to key 12, the key I chose to represent in the wonderful initiative Unlock Your Design, today I will present my own story, as an “owner” of this activation in the sphere of EQ / planet Mars. I spent some time analyzing my profile of Gene Keys […]

Shine on, You Rebel Diamond!

On the last day when the Sun activates key / gate 8, I decided to write this article detailing the impact it has and has had on my life. The key or gate 8 is associated with the Style, not only the one we express externally, but also the inner one. One of the gates […]

Parent-kid relationships…and the other way around

Driving today on the wet streets of a gloomy Bucharest, I was thinking about the subject of the past week and how to intertwine the conclusions of my ideas. For me, the theme started from the parent-child / child-parent relationship – the challenges, healing opportunities and evolution possibilities that occur in such connections. I had […]


There is a very good personality test, based on the research done by Carl Jung, Katharine Briggs and Isabel Myers, about which many of you know. If you do not know about it, I invite you to discover your personality type by answering the questions here. Today’s article is about my typology, hoping it will be […]

About time, about the present.

Evening thoughts have roamed around the theme of time, whether I wondered what to do with time (the free time?) or how much time do we have. Subjects such as aging, nearing death or youth (which seems to be somewhat eternal in some people), often perish on our lips. Today I’ve been thinking about the quality of the time […]

Identity distortions

The thought of this evening is about identity, who I am and what makes me be me. Generally speaking, not only me. I was talking to a friend about the many people who are ready, hops-hop, to put you on the way, to show you what is your correct identity and to explain what you […]